Camp Leadership Challenge

Rutland County Sheriff's Office
88 Grove St, Rutland, VT

Posted by: on 01/10/2008

The Rutland County Sheriff's Department in conjunction with the Vermont Army National Guard and Rutland City Police Department conducts a camp in the summer months for youth, ages 13 to 17 years of age. It allows up to thirty students an opportunity to learn leadership skills, experience military and law enforcement life, and participate in a variety of exciting activities.

The DDR Camp provides youngsters with an introduction to military life, skills and experiences. Opportunities are available for hands-on interactions with various community based organizations including the Rutland County Sheriff's Department, Vermont State Police, Fire & Rescue, Fish and Game as well as military units. This overnight camp for teens ensure that planned activities are fun, engaging and flavored with military traditions. The setting is military in nature, with the intent to make young people familiar with career directions available in the military and civilian world. Activities include presentations from public safety agencies, court systems and includes static displays of the Army's Abrams Tanks and the OH-58 helicopter. Fire aid and safety, computer-simulated games, orienteering and adventure based teaching models that provide positive reinforcement opportunities.

Staff of the camp includes members of the Rutland County Sheriff's Department, the Vermont National Guard and state and local government officials.

Questions Answered

Q: Is this "boot camp"? A: No, unlike boot camp, we place you in positions of responsibility. The camp does have a military feel, and students are offered an introduction to military life and work ethic

Q: What does the camp cost? A: Cost for the week is $20.00. Financial assistance is available by contacting the camp director.

Q: Who is eligible to participate? A: All students, male or female, ages 13 to 17 are eligible. Students must be capable of the physical activity associated with the camp.

Q: What about safety? A: We make every effort to ensure that all activities at the camp are safe. Because of the outdoor environment in which the activities take place, and because of the nature of the activities, we cannot eliminate all risk. Participants and their parents should read all information in the application before participating.

Q: How are students housed? A: All students reside at the Westminster Armory during the camp

Duty, Honor and Integrity

Student leadership is a vital part of the course. Students are expected to assume defined leadership roles during thecamp. Students will learn to master and implment the concepts of duty, honor and integrity. Through teamwork, learning to work together in an integrated and collaborative manner and taking a few risks, students will learn first hand what it is to be a winner when the winning has value.