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Windham County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 266, Newfane, VT 05345

Arrest- DUI#4/Gross Neg. Op/ DLS/VCOR



DATE: July 21st 2023 @ 2236 Hours
LOCATION: Clarendon Avenue / Main Street - West Rutland, VT

ARRESTING OFFICER: Deputy First Class Gregory Ricketts - Rutland County Sheriff's Department

DEFENDANT: Isabel A. Furneuax
AGE: 32

- (DUI #4) Operating vehicle under the influence of alcohol, 4th Offense, Criminal Refusal, Title 23 VSA 1201 (Felony)
- Grossly Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle - Title 23 VSA 1091b
- Operating with a Criminally Suspended Driver's License - Title 23 VSA 674
- Violation of Conditions of Release - Title 13 VSA 7559e

DESCRIPTION: On the above date and time, While conducting patrol in the County of Rutland as part of the State Office of Highway Safety. Deputy 1/C Ricketts observed a vehicle operating at 89 MPH in a posted 40 MPH zone in the area of Business Route 4 and Old Boardman Hill Road in the Town of West Rutland.

Deputy 1/C Ricketts conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and the operator was identified as Isabel A. Furneaux of West Rutland, VT. While speaking with Furneaux, Deputy 1/C Ricketts observed several indicators of impairment. As a result, Furneaux was asked to perform standardized field sobriety tests, she did not perform the tests satisfactorily and was placed under arrest for several charges. Subsequent investigation revealed that Funeaux has 3 prior DUI convictions, has a criminally suspended driver's license and has court ordered conditions of release not to have or buy alcohol.

Furneaux was transported to the Rutland City Police Department for processing where she refused to provide an evidentiary breath sample, therefore committing the crime of criminal refusal. Furneaux was issued a flash citation and ordered to appear at the Rutland Superior Court - Criminal Division on July 24th at 1230 Hours to answer to the multiple charges listed above relating to this incident. Furneaux was released to the Rutland Regional Medical Center for medical treatment.

Furneaux's vehicle was towed from the scene, the license plates were seized and she was issued a Vermont Civil Violation Complaint for speed with a fine of $724.00.