Criminal Patrol

The Rutland County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement services to the residents of Rutland County. The department currently provides contracted law enforcement services to Town of West Rutland, Town of Proctor,Town of Clarendon, Town of Wallingford, Town of Poultney, Town of Mendon, Town of Danby, Town of Tinmouth and Town of Ira.

The Rutland County Sheriff's Department currently has a jurisdiction of over 945 square miles of urban and rural areas. Deputies also respond to calls for domestic violence, assaults,breaking & entering, larceny, intoxication, shoplifting, automobile accidents, license checks, traffic violations, funeral escorts, court bailiff,civil process and more.

Special Details

If you are an organization in need of Deputies for traffic control, vehicle escorts or on-site security, you have come to the right place. Our department can perform these functions and more to assist your company in providing its services as smoothly as possible.

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Communications Center

            The Rutland County Sheriff’s Department has a multi-platform full-service communications center with dispatching capabilities 

            Dispatchers provide critical information to all Deputies, answer calls to our office,answer the State ID Check Hotline and Statewide underage drinking tip line.

Some of the calls that Rutland County Sheriff’s Department Communications Center dispatches can range from:

  • - Agency Assist for Medical Events (CPR, Drug Overdose)
  • - Car Accidents
  • - Agency Assist for Fire Departments
  • - Fights/Domestic Assaults
  • - Suspicious Events
  • - Criminal Events
  • - Community Concerns

For more inquiries, contact RCSD at 802-775-8002

 Fingerprinting and IdentiGo Services

          The Rutland County Sheriff's Department serves as the Rutland County’s Fingerprint station for employment, adoption and licensing. We use a State-of-the-Art AFIS fingerprinting computer that provides a quick and efficient result in a few minutes, without the mess of fingerprinting inks.

          The Rutland County Sheriff’s Department also provides IdentiGo Services. Applicants can get fingerprints done for TSA Pre-Check, hazmat requirements and more. 

   Please reach out to our office at (802)775-8002 to schedule an appointment.


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School Resource Officers
A program that allows a law enforcement officer to work in and with a school. The SRO Program allows students to connect with our agency on a level that is more difficult to obtain elsewhere. Click here for more information

Governor’s Highway Safety Program

          Along with other area agencies, we work in conjunction with the Governor's Highway Safety Program to improve traffic safety. The GHSP supplies funds for officers with well-known campaigns such as Click It or Ticket, DUI Task Force, Aggressive Driving and other various activities. Deputies regularly participate in GHSP to ensure roads are safe for everyone.

Civil Process

           The Rutland County Sheriff's Department, by Vermont Law is required to serve certain civil process while other agencies and entities may serve certain processes. Sheriff's Departments are the only organizations in Vermont that may serve all of it. The Rutland County Sheriff's Office serves any type of civil process within Rutland County.

Please reach out to our office at (802)775-8002 for civil process inquiries. 

Check ID Program

          The CHECK ID program was instituted as a free program to allow distributors of alcohol to be able to verify the validity of a purchaser's license. The program has prevented hundreds of youth with fake ID's from purchasing alcohol and has proven a great success. 

Secure Transports

    Under Vermont law and through various agreements, our department provides secure prisoner, mental health and juvenile transports throughout the entire state.Under Vermont law and through various agreements, our department provides secure prisoner, mental health and juvenile transports throughout the entire state.

Rutland County Neighborhood Watch

Rutland County Neighborhood Watch is an integral part of the policing plan. Once a patrol deputy becomes unable to resolve a particular problem (burglary, crime patterns) because of limited time or available resources, the Special Assignment Officer becomes responsible for addressing this public safety issue.
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