Rutland County Sheriff's Office
88 Grove St, Rutland, VT

Posted by: Kamuran Karakus on 04/08/2020

The Rutland County Sheriff's Department performsvarious types of details. We provide services like traffic escorts, security,civil standby, and traffic control.

Traffic Escorts can become a necessity for manycompanies. Escorts can provide security for armored cars, safety for modularhomes or ease of movement for large equipment. Throughout the year, the RutlandCounty Sheriff’s Department provides escort services within the State ofVermont.

The Rutland County Sheriff's Department alsoparticipates in civil standby services. This type of service is utilized bymany businesses and residents of Rutland County to ensure a smooth transitionduring their needs.

Our department frequently contracts with companies and organizationsfor various needs. If you would like more information, please contact us viaour dispatch at (802) 775-8002.