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Windham County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 266, Newfane, VT 05345

Arrest: Drugs


Press Release
Rutland County Sheriff's Department

Incident: Drug Possession 11RUC0376
Date: 3/13/2011
Location: 1548 Pleasant Street, West Rutland
Investigating Deputy: Sergeant JJ Bixby

Accused: Aaron Gero
Age: 21
City & State of Residence: West Rutland, VT

Charges: Possession of Marijuana (Title 18 VSA 4230)


On the above date, the RCSD was contacted by Rutland Probation and Parole regarding suspected drugs they located while checking on the accused at his residence in West Rutland. P&P was conducting a follow up check as the accused is currently on field supervision status with P&P.

Investigation revealed the suspected drug was marijuana. The accused was taken into custody by Probation and Parole and was issued a citation by the RCSD to answer to the charge of Possession of Marijuana.