Rutland County Sheriff's Office
88 Grove St, Rutland, VT

Posted by: on 01/10/2008

The Special Assignment Officer is also a vital link for the Neighborhood Watch program. Information obtained from the Neighborhood Watch Captains is crucial in assuring that the neighborhoods within the Special Assignment Officer's assigned towns remain safe and free of crime. Continual contact with the Neighborhood Watch Captains in their town is therefore very important.

The Neighborhood Watch Captain is one of the most vital positions in the Community Policing Plan. The plan is truly a partnership between the members of the community and their town representatives. Without their extra eyes and ears in the community, the Sheriff's Department and select boards effectiveness would be greatly diminished. These volunteers are the best source of information within the town because they live, and often work within the town and are often aware of valuable public safety information.

The Neighborhood Watch Captains are invaluable in dispensing information which can make community members more aware of public safety issues, stopping criminals before they have a chance to commit their crimes. A group of dedicated Neighborhood Watch Captains is essential to the Policing Plan.